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Is there a distraction using clean air and fuel-efficient, low-emission hybrids & electric vehicles? How about clean diesels? And, how about those safety requirement standards?

Major auto makers continue to design and build publicity for the hybrids they are attempting to manufacture and sell. Hybrid passenger cars and trucks combine gasoline or diesel engines with electric motors. They offer great fuel economy with low emissions and even decent performance. The green-i-zation of the auto industry is well under way.

But even with their benefits, hybrids pose a threat to strict requirements that at specific percentages of auto companies’ vehicles meet zero-emissions standards.

It’s an ongoing lobbying effort. Legislators’ technical skills and integrity are being tested. New rules, regulations, and statutes get enacted under the force of just-do-it-now emotions. The relatively frequent review of emissions rules and safety requirements by state and federal regulators emissions provide a weak base for engineers to design within.

More so, there is an ongoing race between the engineers who know technology and the marketeers who demand they produce products for them to sell NOW.

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