Construction & Remodeling


Construction & Remodeling

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Tips for you about to restore your property:

1. Do you want to retain the original character of the house. Then you must preserve original appearance and interior.

2. Be cautious that you do not restore beyond what is reasonable.
3. Use materials that were used when your house was built.

4. Hold to the details, including decorative glass, moldings, hardware, light fixtures, etc.

5. Understand and have respect for the intended use of rooms.

6. Don’t update to style that is inconsistent with originality. Hold to originality whenever possible.

7. Paint old houses colors of the period.
8. Finish floors in the methods and style of the original period.

9. Use fences to enhance and set off your property.
10. Use garden plants and shrubbery that complement your property.

11. Be sure to make additions and changes of the styles of the period.

12. Always be aware of your property’s original intent. If it was built to be a home, make it a home.

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