Decorating As You Like It

About Your Decorating Preference

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1.   How familiar are you with decorating, architecture, furniture styles and brands, fabrics, paints, appliances, and so on?     Familiar with advanced design ideas
Familiar with basic design ideas     I am currently studying design
I forgot most of what I barely learned     I was never really too interested.

2.   My single most favorite furniture brand is:
Baker     Kindel     Thomasville     Stickley     Henredon     Drexel Heritage     Sligh      Broyhill     Ethan Allen     Ikea     Hooker     Century     Bassett     Other?

3.   I use a professional decorator when my home needs:
Never. I do it all myself, Anything beyond cleaning, Painting & carpeting, Painting, carpeting, & some new furniture, Painting, carpeting, some new furniture, & architectural changes.

4.   My favorite furniture style is:
Contemporary     Art deco – 1930s     Country French     Over-stuffed modern
18th Century English     None — I buy what I like spontaneously.

5.   Regarding fabric choices for chairs and sofas, I prefer:
Leather     Solid colors     Floral patterns     Use primarily leather & fabric
Striped patterns     Use primarily fabric     Other?

6.   Regarding art for walls, I prefer:
Lots of artwork     Little coverage     Moderate coverage     None

7.   Regarding the type of art for my walls, I prefer:
Oil paintings     Fabric coverings     Water color paintings     None — I buy what I like spontaneously.     Other?

8.   Regarding window treatments, I prefer:
Full coverage drapery     Blinds     Light, airy drapes     None — I buy what I like spontaneously     Other?

9.   Regarding floor coverings, I prefer:
Hardwood     Area rugs     Carpet, wall to wall     Oriental rugs     Other?

10.   Regarding a home office:
I would never have one     I recently built one     I am planning one     I have had one for several years.

11.   Regarding bathroom layouts and fixtures, I prefer:
As large as possible     Just the essentials     Smaller is OK     Fully equipped & hot tub, etc.     Other?

12.   Regarding kitchen layouts and decors, I prefer:
Open uncluttered Euro-style
Open with pass through
Traditional enclosed country look
Enclosed separate from other areas

13.   Regarding kitchen appliances, my favorite brands include:
Maytag     Kitchen Aid     Frigidaire     Krups     SubZero     Sunbeam     Amana     GE     Other?

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