Gracious Lifestyles


Gracious Lifestyles

We All Enjoy Fine Appointments¬† —¬† The Sparkle of Fine China

One of the first items to consider for your new home is china, whether it’s a casual, contemporary pattern in durable earthenware or a formal, traditional pattern made from fine bone china. Either way, you should choose good quality china to set the most attractive table.

Many couples enjoy planing for two china patterns: one for casual dining and one for formal entertaining. In fact, many brides keep a few place settings of their fine china on hand at all times for serving romantic candlelit dinners for two or special weekend breakfasts in bed. What are the differences between an informal stoneware and fine china? Stoneware and earthenware are thicker and heavier while china is lighter and more glass like.

Fine china, or porcelain, is made from kaolin clay, a fine white clay found in China, feldspar and flint. These materials are fired at extremely high temperatures to form a nonporous ceramic. Bone china is a variation which includes bone ash to intensify whiteness. To see the difference between porcelain and other china, hold a piece to the light and place your hand behind it. You should be able to see the shadow of your hand behind the porcelain.

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