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So, What Do You Do With Tools?

1.  How familiar are you with hand tools, light electric tools, electrical and plumbing principles, and so on?     Familiar with advanced tools and skills
Familiar with basic tools and skills     I am currently learning about tools and skills
I forgot most of what I barely learned     I was never really too interested.

2.  My single most favorite hand tool brand is:
Hako     Klein     Snap On     Channellock     Craftsman     Exceltra     Crescent     Wiha     Plato     Excelite     Grobet     Lindstrom     Vermont American     Other?

3.  I contract a professional when my home needs:
Never — I do it all myself     Anything more than cleaning     Painting & carpeting
Painting, carpeting, & drapery     Plumbing, electrical & architectural changes.

4.  My single most favorite power tool brand — because they are reliable & work well — is:
Skill     Stihl     Craftsman     Bostitch     Hobart     Woodwright     Milwaukee     Bosch     DeWalt     Not any special brand — I buy what I see & works well.

5.   Some fix-up projects on my list for this year include:
Fence work, new or repair work     Home entertainment center, new or enhancements     Exterior painting     Home office, new or enhancements     Interior painting     Kitchen     Electrical work     Bath     Plumbing     Garage improvement     Room addition(s)     None, nothing, nada.

6.   About landscaping, including plants, trees and grass:
I hire a service for all upkeep, and flower & tree plantings all year
I hire a service to do weekly upkeep
I do all weekly upkeep
I choose & plant shrubs
I choose & plant flowers
I hire a service for all flower, shrubs & tree plantings all year

7.   About contracting and contractors, I prefer to:
Act as my own general contractor
Hire an experienced general contractor
Work on one project at a time to keep it simple

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