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How to Care for Hard Wood Floors
Information furnished by: Hardwood Manufacturers Association 800/373-WOOD

Living with natural hardwood floors: Take a close look. Preventing damage: Regular care: Does your new hardwood floor look old? What condition is your floor in? What type of finish does your floor have?

When your hard wood floor needs extra care.
Damp mopping.
Maintenance coat.
Removing stains in waxed floors.
Removing stains and repairing surface finishes.
How to Care for Solid Hardwood Floors!
Solid hardwood floors repay a little care with a lifetime of value. When you first glimpse a solid hardwood floor, you sense richness, warmth and natural beauty. Gradually, you get to know its distinct personality — visual harmonies, the traces of history in the forest and in your home.
Appreciate the color and pattern of the floor√Ęs strips, planks or parquetry.
Read the grain: Is it bold-textured oak? Subdued maple or cherry?
Check the condition of the underlying wood and the finish that protects it. Are there signs of neglect to erase (it’s not difficult), or do you see a well-tended surface that needs just a light touch to maintain it?

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