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1.) About where you live now: Urban single family house, Suburban single family house, Urban multi-family town house, Suburban multi-family town house, Urban high-rise, Suburban high-rise, Farm-style house, or what?

2.  About any plan to refinance: In the next few weeks, We haven’t & don’t like to change, We recently refinanced, We don’t think we should.

3.  About gardening: We do it all ourselves, I do it all with my family, We do the basic grass cutting & stuff only, We hire a landscaping service, Plant & care for the flowers myself, Plant & care for the flowers with my family.

4.  About fix-up and do-it-yourself stuff: We do it all, We call a specialist, We do the easy stuff, We call our kids, We do might tighten a door hinge, but not much more, We threw away all our tools.

5.  About furnishing and decorating: We do it all, We call a decorator, We do the easy stuff, We call our kids, We do might select paint colors, but not much more, We don’t have too many good ideas.

6.  Please mention the chores & fun stuff you’ve done around your house.
Plumbing, Remodeled a bathroom, Painting – interior, Painting – exterior, Carpet laying, Roof & gutter work, Remodeled a kitchen, Other?

7.  About when we purchased our current home:
Within the last 6 months       Between 4 & 5 years ago
Within the last 12 months     Between 6 & 10 years ago
Between 1 & 2 years ago     Between 10 & 15 years ago
Between 2 & 3 years ago     Between 15 & 20 years ago
Between 3 & 4 years ago     Over 20 years ago

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